Beginner to Junior


Oh No is the barn’s veteran school horse and is completely safe for any rider - even complete beginners. Schooled to second level dressage in his youth, Oh No rewards our more confident new riders with a great result when they’ve learned how to ask properly. As you improve, he’ll reward you every time with an upgrade on your Oh No report card.


This little horse never met a beginner he didn’t like. In fact, Doc is happiest helping junior riders gain confidence and learn the basics. At 14.2 hands he’s the perfect size for our younger riders, and his gentle temperament and good barn manners make him our go-to starter horse for new students.

Our horses at Creekside Stables

We have eight school horses and up to 15 boarding horses at Creekside. The school horses have been carefully chosen to cover every level of student from beginner to advanced. 

New students will be matched to the best horse for their ability - but should not expect to ride one horse for more than a few weeks at a time.

MEET THE HORSES - From Beginner to Advanced.

Junior and Up


Being asked to ride Texas shows that you’ve made it to trusted student. She’s small, but sporty - with a bit of the attitude you might expect from a pretty mare. Deciding she’s your favorite won’t make her cut you much slack in the arena - you have to ride her right, but when you do, it’s a blast.

Junior/Intermediate and Up


Barney is a true school horse. He’s a thrilling, but safe step up for our young students, and is full of get up and go for our more advanced riders, who often have breakthrough rides with this willing horse. Barney is also a wonderful, steady jumper, giving tons of confidence to riders starting over fences.


Bailey is a great old gentleman, who knows the ropes of both dressage and jumping. He has been a successful show horse, and if you work with him well, you can bring back his glory days.

Bailey’s distinctive coloring and easy-going personality make him a great favorite, particularly with some of our adult riders.


Considered to be the smartest horse in the barn, Penny is very willing, particularly with the intermediate riders who give clear signals. Young students have great fun with her too, and get a real thrill when she lets them know that they’re getting it right.

Like our other intermediate horses, Penny enjoys jumping and getting into the outdoor pasture for a summer lesson.

Intermediate to Advanced


Here’s a horse who’s name matches his nature. He’s a thoroughbred, and so he’s tall and handsome. He needs riders with skill, quiet, educated hands and legs that don’t nag, but leave no room for doubt. Our good riders really enjoy his lovely paces (the most comfortable canter in the county) and responsiveness.